Labtician Ophthalmics  


LSO Extraction Kit

The Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., LSO Extraction™ Kit is designed to work with the QuickSet™ Combo Pack to complete the LSO Silicone Oil™ System.

After the retina has reattached, the LSO Extraction™ Kit provides the surgeon with the essential tool for quick, simple, and clean oil extraction. It:

  • Is disposable, eliminating the need for messy clean up
  • Can be connected to most VFI machines, either directly or with an adaptor
  • Can be ordered with the LSO QuickSet™ to eliminate need for multiple, separate orders
The complete Labtician LSO Silicone Oil™ System includes:

  • Labtician LSO Silicone Oil™ 10 mL syringe (1000 centipoise [cP] or 5000cP)
  • LSO QuickSet™
  • LSO Extraction™ Kit
Download Labtician Silicone Oil Sell Sheet