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Face-Down Positioning

Post-vitrectomy surgery patients are worried about how to manage their recovery that requires them to be in a face-down position, while surgeons are concerned with obtaining the most reliable surgical outcomes. To help with this critical time, Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., is pleased to provide your patients with a selection of practical solutions to aid in the face-down recovery period. 

We have developed a face-down positioning postcard to explain the importance of maintaining this posture and the crucial role it plays in the success of their surgery. On the postcard they will find contact information for Labtician so that we may provide them with your recommended postsurgical protocol.

  • Out-of-town patients may call our service center. Our friendly staff will personally work with your patient to discuss recommendations, ensure they understand how to correctly set up and use the devices, help them with their purchases, and conveniently ship the items directly to their home

  • Local patients are encouraged to call in advance of their surgery and arrange to come by our showroom for a demonstration on how to use the various devices prior to purchasing.  This will give them the opportunity to try out the items and be shown the correct way to coordinate and set up the pieces to ensure their optimal function

At Labtician, we understand the patients' apprehension about this unusual post-surgery requirement and strive to ensure their utmost comfort and alleviate any concerns. One of the most frequently voiced concerns regards hygiene, as these devices are in direct contact with the face. For this reason, each patient will receive their own brand new recovery devices that have not been previously used by someone else. 

We look forward to providing your patients with solutions to help ease their recovery, while helping to ensure your optimal surgical results.

Download Face Down brochure