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Lagophthalmos is a condition where the eyelids are unable to fully close. Often, it is the result of some type of facial paralysis affecting the 7th cranial nerve, which controls the eyelids' closing muscle.
It can be permanent or transient, and can be caused by conditions such as Bell's palsy, trauma,
or stroke.

Lagophthalmos can be serious. The ability of the eyelids to close and blink is crucial to the distribution of the tear film necessary to maintain healthy, lubricated eyes. When the muscle that closes the eyelids becomes paralyzed, the blink mechanism no longer functions and the eye becomes dry, painful, and irritated. Prolonged ocular dehydration can lead to serious problems that include decreased or even lost vision. On a cosmetic note, as the condition can be quite noticeable, people with lagophthalmos can also suffer embarrassment. One of the most welcome ocular advances has been the development of discreet gold eyelid weights that are implanted into the eyelid to restore proper function and normal blinking and lid closure.

Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., Proportional™ Lid Load gold eyelid implants provide a treatment solution for lagophthalmos, allowing the ophthalmic surgeon customized sizing to incorporate all three
crucial dimensions:

  • Thickness – thinner in the low-weight range for patients with smaller, thinner lids
  • Length – shorter in the high-weight range where length management is essential
  • Width – rounded at the perimeter and corners for improved cosmesis and added width control
All Labtician gold eyelid implants are made from 99.99% pure gold, to create a nontoxic metal
implant that is dense, inert, noncorroding, and biocompatible, and is unlikely to cause irritation
in surrounding tissues.

Available in a variety of weight ranges to customize fit and function for a wider range of patients providing for improved outcomes and enhanced relief:

  • 7 different Proportional™ weights
  • Available in 0.2 gram increments
Labtician also provides Tantalum Sizing Sets and adhesive strips, which have a dual purpose:

  • To aid the surgeon in determining the correct weight and size prior to implantation
  • May be used as external eyelid weights to provide patients with temporary lagophthalmos with an immediate, nonsurgical, easily applied solution for lid closure

Download Labtician Proportional Lid Load Brochure

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