Labtician Ophthalmics  



Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., brings Canadian vitreoretinal surgeons a complete range of tamponades for use in their surgical procedures, including F6H8® vitreous substitute by Fluoron®.

F6H8® is an ultrapure perfluorohexyloctane that provides vitreoretinal surgeons with new surgical options:

  • Can be used for intraoperative tissue manipulation
  • Biocompatible solvent for silicone oil residual droplets
  • Specific density of 1.33 g/cm3 (aqueous is at 1.00 g/cm3), designed to sink in the eye for enhanced suitability when used for inferior retinal tears and breaks
  • May serve as a temporary endotamponade in complicated retinal detachments, particularly of the inferior fundus
  • Can act as another "hand" during macula relocation
  • Can ease retinal reattachment via low-contact pressure
  • May act as an intraocular lens rinse after silicone oil tamponade use
F6H8® is packaged in a 6 mL vial.

Download Fluoron F6H8 Sell Sheet
Download Heavy Liquids Chart (Users Guide)