Labtician Ophthalmics  



Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., offers Canadian vitreoretinal surgeons a selection of retinal gases for use as either tamponades in retinal detachment surgery, or for pneumatic retinopexy procedures. The high surface tension formed between gas and fluid creates an effective seal around a retinal break. This allows the retinal pigment epithelium to take up any lingering subretinal fluid to facilitate retinal reattachment.

Labtician™ C3F8 perfluoropropane liquefied gas has a density six times greater than air. Following injection into the eye, the C3F8 will gradually be absorbed into the bloodstream over a period of about five weeks.

Also available from Labtician™ is a range of accessories to complete the ophthalmic gas system:

  • A reusable C3F8 regulator that provides accurate, low-pressure delivery
  • Your choice of a table stand or wall mount , as the gas bottle must remain in the upright position when in use
  • Patient safety wristbands, available in English and French, to help ensure patient compliance and safety while the gas bubble is in place

    • Explains the need to avoid both nitrous oxide (N20), as well as high-altitude travel, including mountain driving or flying
    • Includes a place to mark the injection date and surgeon information
    • Comes with marking pen
C3F8 is packaged in a multiuse 450 gram (1.0 lb.) lecture bottle.*
*Please note: Labtician is not responsible for the disposal of empty lecture bottles.

Download Labtician Ophthalmic Gases Sell Sheet