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AmnioGuard (Amniograft G)

AmnioGraft® is cryopreserved amniotic membrane, a tissue replacement allograft that is derived from placental tissue. Its unique wound repair and healing properties help improve surgical outcomes by preventing scarring, reducing inflammation, reducing the formation of abnormal blood vessels, and by minimizing pain.

BioTissue has created a patented cryopreservation process to retain the membrane’s cytokines and growth factors in its matrix, encouraging ocular surface healing. With just a few stem cells in place, this ocular transplantation graft promotes expansion and regeneration versus just repair. It does not require rehydration, and its natural strength is cryopreserved to make it easy to handle and simple to suture, reducing surgical time.


Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., is pleased to bring AmnioGuard™, the latest in leading-edge graft technology to Canada's glaucoma surgeons.  AmnioGuard™ is a biologic shunt tube graft that is a thicker version of AmnioGraft®, and is explicitly designed to cover a wide variety of glaucoma drainage devices.  Together with its optimally designed thickness measuring between 300-400 µm, it is the surgical graft of choice for glaucoma specialists due to its equally desirable high tensile strength.  

AmnioGuard™ promotes optimal host subconjunctival cell integration, forming a tenon-like layer between the conjunctiva and the tube, which prevents gradual thinning and tube erosion.

AmnioGuard™ provides numerous surgical benefits, including:

  • Acting as a spacer to prevent scar adhesions of the scleral flap

  • Provides  physiological support for flow control and hypotony prevention

  • Appropriate tensile strength and enhanced rigidity, perfect to contour and cover the drainage tube, reducing the amount of surrounding "dead" space

  • Tissue that is sufficiently transparent to permit suture lysis (if necessary to improve bleb function), while allowing for improved cosmesis

  • Does not require rehydration

  • No paper backing (unlike AmnioGraft®) and no need for orientation

  • Nonsticky for easier handling and suturing


AmnioGuard™ is shipped in a temperature-controlled container and can be kept in the box until the expiration date and time on the outer container. Once removed from the shipping container, AmnioGuard™ can be easily stored in standard refrigeration or freezer units using the following guidelines:

Storage Time

Storage Device

Storage Temperature

Until expiration date on the tissue package(media frozen solid)

-80C Freezer

-85C to -50C
(-121F to -58F)

1 year after receipt or until expiration on outer product package, whichever comes first (media in liquid state)

Standard Home Freezer

-49C to 0C
(-56F to 32F)

3 months after receipt or until expiration on outer product package, whichever comes first (media in liquid state)

Standard Home Refrigerator

1C to -80C
(33.8F to 50F)

Until expiration date written on outer shipping container

Unopened insulated container

0C to -80C
(35.6F to 68F)

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