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Ahmed™ Glaucoma Valve & Accessories

New World Medical, Inc., is the manufacturer behind the innovative Ahmed™ Glaucoma Valve (AGV™). AGV leads the way in advanced glaucoma drainage technology with its implantable glaucoma drainage devices (GDDs) for patients with refractory glaucoma or who are at high risk of trabeculectomy failure. A GDD implant works by bypassing the trabecular meshwork and redirecting the outflow of aqueous humor through a small tube into an outlet chamber or bleb, helping to prosthetically regulate the intraocular pressure (IOP).

The AGV™ is available in two formats:

  • Flexible, medical-grade silicone
  • Rigid, medical-grade polypropylene
A variety of features have made the AGV™ a leader in glaucoma drainage technology, including:

  • Immediate reduction of intraocular pressure upon implantation
  • Unique, non-obstructive valve system to prevent excessive drainage and chamber collapse, eliminating the need for drainage ligature sutures
  • Implanted in a true, single-stage procedure, eradicating any ripcord modifications
  • Tapered profile for easy insertion between the rectus muscle and to avoid interference with ocular motility
  • Silicone plate
  • Aqueous percolation holes
  • Thinner plate
  • Available in a smaller size for applications such as pediatrics or small globes.
New World Medical, Inc. also carries a selection of accessories to complement the Ahmed™ Valves, including:

  • Non-Valved Plates

    • Greater aqueous drainage due to special design that increases surface area
    • Available in either flexible or rigid versions
    • Plate can be added to an already-existing valve or implanted simultaneously
    • Attachable on either the left or right side of the valve
  • Pars Plana Clip

    • Designed to angle the tube into the pars plana area of the posterior chamber and be sutured to the sclera
    • Can be used if there has been trauma that results in the inability to introduce the tube into the anterior chamber
  • Tube Extender

    • Provides extra tube length when required
  • Tube Inserter

    • Reusable instrument
    • Specially designed for easy tube insertion into the anterior or posterior chamber
    • May be used with any drainage device
Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., is proud to provide Canada's glaucoma specialists with this innovative advance in glaucoma treatment.

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